Reformers, Socialists and Communists An Anarchist Critique

Alexander Berkman (Author)


Publisher: ThoughtCrime Ink.
Format: Book
Binding: pb
Pages: 112
Released: March 1, 2011

Have you ever wondered why reforms tend to perpetuate the same old status quo? Why your union seems to be yet another boss and only offers you band-aid solutions when faced with a rotten system? Why socialist parties oppose socialism? Or why the "Communists" of eastern Europe and China never brought the freedom they promised millions? Alexander Berkman discusses these questions and others in "Reformers, Socialists, and Communists: An Anarchist Critique."

Berkman points out the flaws of so-called reformists, the danger of relying on "progressive" politicians, the weakening of the labor movement, the corruption of socialist groups by a biased political system, and the moral decay and slide toward totalitarianism of the Bolshevik movement in Russia — and all this in 1929! Backing up his statements with sound reasoning, Berkman offers the reader a rational, sober, but uncompromising view of the politics and economics of our daily struggles, both at the ballot box and the lunch box.

The content of this little book is available in our What is Anarchism?, but it is such a cute little package, how could we resist? Answer: We could not.

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