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Things are heating up. Crisis is the rule, not the exception. A nervous ruling class is pushing "solutions" like repression, austerity, and devastation-as-usual. We need to push—and build—our own alternatives. That means getting even more radical and anarchist ideas into people's hands and heads. We need to fan the flames. 

But hard times hit us much harder than they hit the bosses and bureaucrats. That's why the Friends of AK Press program exists. It's a way for people to support anarchist publishing, each kicking in a little...a little that adds up to a lot more revolutionary texts circulating through our society. 

Friends of AK Press is how we keep publishing around twenty books per year. It's how we've put out huge anthologies of writings by important anarchist thinkers like Proudhon, Kropotkin, and Malatesta. It's how we publish crucial anti-authoritarian analyses of current issues from queer liberation to housing struggles. It's how we help today's revolutionaries find new relevance in radical history.

The Friends of AK Press is how you can directly help us realize these projects. You choose your membership level and pay a fixed amount each month into our publishing fund. In return, you can receive one copy of every new AK Press title as they are published, for the duration of your membership, in whatever form you choose: print, e-book, or both. You also get a 50% discount on every other AK Press book and all AK Press gear. And you get 20% off everything else on our website. For a discounted price, you can also sponsor a membership for someone who is currently incarcerated.

Want to support AK Press, but not ready to commit? You can now also make a one-time, no-strings-attached donation towards our publishing projects using the button below. Any amount helps. (Please note: this is NOT the way to sign up for Friends of AK Press memberships—if that's what you want to do, please choose one of the options to the right!)





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