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Publishing Submissions

Thanks for your interest in publishing with AK Press. Before submitting, please familiarize yourself with our list and the range of works we tend to publish. As an anarchist collective, we're largely interested in works that reflect the rich traditions within anarchism (theory, history, art, culture, economics, labor) and related historical and contemporary movements. That said, we don’t solely publish anarchists—but we do steer clear of anything advocating electoral politics or that looks to the State or capitalism for solutions. We make an effort to provide materials of use to activists, academics, and individuals in pursuit of intellectual self-defense and revolutionary social/economic change. Further, we welcome the opportunity to work with authors from diverse backgrounds.

For speculative fiction submissions please visit the Black Dawn Series page.

When submitting materials please include the following:

  • A cover letter that outlines:

        → why you wrote the book and why you chose to submit it to AK Press.
        → who the intended audience is.
        → a brief synopsis of the book in one-to-three paragraphs.
        → the field or “market” your book inhabits: comparable books and, most importantly, how yours stands out from the rest.
        → if your submission is simultaneous or if you are only contacting AK Press.

  • A table of contents with a synopsis of each chapter.

  • A brief bio of the author and contributors, including a list of all previous publishing credits.

  • If you have a completed manuscript, please send that.

  • If your manuscript isn’t finished, please send drafts of what you do have, along with an estimated final word count, and an accurate completion date.

Please send the above in electronic format to submissions@akpress.org

Please keep in mind:

  • We generally do not accept submissions of fiction or poetry (for speculative fiction, see the Black Dawn Series).

  • Due to the nature of the book trade, projects accepted typically are released approximately 12 months subsequent to receipt of final manuscript.

  • For authors we haven’t worked with before or who haven’t published extensively, we will generally need to see a completed draft.

Because we are an international collective, we strongly prefer to receive your submissions in electronic format. However, if you would prefer to submit a hard copy, please mail it to:

AK Press/Submissions
370 Ryan Ave. #100
Chico, CA 95973