Strange Matters Issue 2

Strange Matters (Editors)

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Publisher: Strange Matters
Format: Book
Binding: pb
Pages: 183
Released: April 4, 2024
ISBN-13: 9798986617916

Strange Matters is an a libertarian-socialist intellectual and literary magazine of new and unconventional thinking covering a wide range of subjects. Strange Matters was founded in 2020 by a collection of co-editors with interest and training in a range of intellectual disciplines—literature, architecture, history, economics, the natural sciences, and computer science, among others. We are proudly living our socialist values as a 100% worker-owned and managed cooperative.

Issue 2 is made up of these goodies:

Sudip Bhattacharya ~ False Equity and Rent Hikes in Jersey City

Felipe Côrrea ~ Anarchist Unity, Anarchist Difference

John Michael Colón ~ Fred Lee, An Economist You'd Actually Invite to Coffee

Mira Lazine ~ Ronald McDonald Needs You, You Don't Need Him

Madison Roze ∙ Charlotte Rubin ∙ AL Wright ∙ Kyle Flannery ∙ Nick Chávez

Jonah Walters ~ Graeber and Wengrow's Gender Trouble

Apoorva Tadepalli ~ Taking a Walk with Modiano & the Situationists

Dayton Martindale ~ Triple Review: Dinosaurs!

Nathan Hilgartner ~ Answers? In Genesis?

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