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Marketing & Publicity / Collective Member

AK Press has an immediate opening for a new collective member to manage our marketing and publicity efforts. We'd prefer to hire someone in one of our existing locations (Chico, CA; the San Francisco Bay Area; or Baltimore) but will consider a fully remote hire for the right candidate.

Your mission in this job will be to help us get the word out far and wide about the books we publish. New ideas, creativity, and adaptability will be essential, as we are always looking for new and better ways to reach and expand our readership.

In general, your responsibilities in this job may include:

•  Working with authors to develop promotional campaigns for their books
•  Planning and executing media campaigns (including researching media lists, creating press materials, pitching, and follow-up)
•  Coordinating advance review copy (ARC) production and mailings
•  Collaborating with our distributor, Ingram, on outreach to the book trade
•  Supporting authors in scheduling book events/tours (virtually, for now!)
•  Managing and expanding the reach of AK Press social media accounts
•  Being a communicative public face for AK Press
•  Maintaining a marketing & publicity budget
•  Hiring and directing freelancers where appropriate

As part of our publishing department, you will also be involved in:

•  Evaluating manuscripts and proposals from authors
•  Acquiring new titles and authors      
•  Writing cover, catalog, and web copy as needed

AK Press is a worker-run anarchist collective, meaning we are all involved in big-picture thinking and long-rage planning not only for our own specific jobs, but for the entire business. You will be cooperatively running the organization that employs you. We know this might sound daunting, but it is also exciting! And don’t worry—AK Press will provide job training for the immediate position and for new collective members to understand the entire operation of our publishing and distribution efforts.

Desired skills for this position include:

• First and foremost: the motivation and creativity necessary to take charge of our marketing/publicity efforts and push our organization forward
Working knowledge of anarchist politics and social movements, past and present
• Fluency with basic office and graphic design software
• Impeccable organizational skills
• Experience with some aspect(s) of marketing, publicity, communications, and/or media work
• Familiarity with the book trade

And these are also a plus:

• Experience working collectively
• Connections to social movement activities
• A history of full-time employment, preferably work that is self-directed
• Contacts with relevant writers, reviewers, media contacts, etc.
• Foreign language skills

The position is full-time (40 hrs per week plus occasional nights and weekends, as necessary), and comes with comprehensive benefits. All collective members are paid the same salary (we do not operate on a tiered or seniority-based pay system). You will be your own boss, though answerable to your co-workers.

AK Press strives to be an anti-racist, feminist, anti-capitalist, non-hierarchical, inclusive workplace, and we encourage any person who is a good fit for this job to apply.

Interested candidates should send a resume and cover letter to jobs@akpress.org with the subject line: ATTN Marketing & Publicity Position | YOUR NAME. Your cover letter should address why you want to be a part of AK Press. Include your ideas about reaching people with the books we publish. Let us know what you have to offer, and where you’ll take us as a member of our collective. We will begin reviewing applications on May 3.