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  1. Aminullah


    More Tales of Migration

    Carrie MacKinnon


    The story of a young Afghan migrant, with refelctions on borders, Calais Migrant Solidarity and Anti-Raids action.

  2. Snowden


    Ted Rall

    $16.95 $7.95

    "A dramatic, evocative, thoughtful and very accessible account of one of the most important stories of the century—and one of the most ominous, unless citizens are aroused to action to rein in...

  3. Fight the Power!

    Fight the Power!

    A Visual History of Protest Among the English Speaking Peoples

    Sean Michael Wilson

    $19.95 $9.95

    A new kind of history book: a graphic narrative that explains how ordinary people have fought against oppression across time. Unlike most history films from Hollywood we have...

  4. Parecomic


    The Story of Michael Albert and Participatory Economics

    Sean Michael Wilson

    $18.95 $9.95

    Parecomic is a graphic novel about something that affects us all: the system we live in--what's wrong with it, and how we might be able change it for the better. Written by Sean Michael...

  5. Anti-Capitalism


    Ezequiel Adamovsky

    $14.95 $7.95

    In Anti-Capitalism, activist and scholar Ezequiel Adamovsky tells the story of the long-standing effort to build a better world, one without an abusive system at its heart. Backed up by...

  6. Pound The Pavement #9

    Pound The Pavement #9

    Josh MacPhee


    Second glorious issue of the street-art zine. This one examines editor Josh Macphee's obsession with the streetlight (or lamppost). Here, in glorious full-color, is what some folks have adorned the...

  7. Wildcat


    Anarchists Against Bombs

    Donald Rooum


    The anarchist black cat and friends (including a walking round bomb) take on the global arms trade, and militarism, in this latest collection of barbed (and hilarious) anarchist political...

  8. Si, Se Puede!/Yes, We Can!

    Si, Se Puede!/Yes, We Can!

    Janitor Strike In L.A.

    Diana Cohn


    This bilingual children's book honors the 8,000 L.A. janitors who, in April 2000, put down their mops and brooms and went on strike. It tells the story of Carlitos, whose mother cleans offices....

  9. Twenty Year Millennium Wildcat

    Twenty Year Millennium Wildcat

    Donald Rooum


    The zany antics of Wildcat and his cohorts (coupled with the insane antics of the state, its lackeys and apologists) have been appearing in Freedom now for twenty years. This brand new collection...

  10. Health Service Wildcat

    Health Service Wildcat

    Donald Rooum


    The anarchist cat takes on the lunacy of Britain's 'health' service in this special collecdtion of the comic strips, scripted by a health worker.

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