The Jewish Anarchist Movement in America + Safety Through Solidarity (PREORDER DEAL)

Joseph Cohen (Author), Kenyon Zimmer (Editor), Esther Dolgoff (Translator), Shane Burley (Author), Ben Lorber (Author)

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Publisher: AK Press / Melville House
Format: Book
Binding: 2x PB
Released: June 4, 2024

Some of our favorite radical Jewish writers/editors have books coming out on the same day (June 4)! From now through release day, you can preorder both books together at a special price. Preorders will be shipped as soon as both books are released.


The Jewish Anarchist Movement in America by Joseph Cohen (translated by Esther Dolgoff, edited by Kenyon Zimmer, published by AK Press) is essential reading in Jewish labor history, culture, and radicalism. This 1945 Yiddish-language study of America’s Jewish anarchists will now be available to an English-speaking audience for the first time—edited, fully annotated, and with a wealth of supplementary information.

“A landmark publication in the history of Jewish anarchism in the US. The big, lively volume—so long awaited—brings together the original history by Joseph Cohen, the translation skills of the anarchist stalwart Esther Dolgoff, and the apt annotation of Kenyon Zimmer. Cohen writes as historian and participant. He defends anarchism while navigating its internal divisions and bringing its characters, many lost in existing accounts, to life.” —David Roediger


Safety Through Solidarity by Shane Burley & Ben Lorber takes on modern-day antisemitism and exclusionary nationalist movements—from synagogue shootings by white nationalists, to right-wing politicians and media figures pushing George Soros conspiracy theories.  By spreading division and fear, they put Jews, along with other marginalized groups and multiracial democracy itself, at risk. How can we stand in solidarity with Palestinian civilians seeking justice, while also avoiding antisemitism—and resisting those who seek to conflate the two? How do we forge the coalitions across communities that we need, in order to overcome the politics of division and fear?

"Safety through Solidarity places the struggle against antisemitism where it belongs: within a larger constellation of struggles against oppression in all its forms. Scholarly, historical, and politically razor-sharp, this landmark work from Burley and Lorber is an essential tool for fighting back against right-wing efforts to weaponize the rhetoric of ‘antisemitism’ for racist agendas." —Mark Bray

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