Anarchic Agreements A Field Guide to Collective Organizing

Ruth Kinna (Author); Alex Prichard (Author); Thomas Swann (Author); Seeds for Change (Author)


Publisher: PM Press
Format: Book
Binding: pb
Pages: 112
Released: November 22, 2022
ISBN-13: 9781629639635

Anarchic Agreements is a field guide for the revolution, answering the practical questions often left out of works of political theory and philosophy. Such as, how do leaderless groups organize? How might they create constitutions, balance power and write protocols? How do group cultures and institutions maintain coalitions?

This urgent and inspiring how-to is the product of more than twenty years of research. Designed explicitly for everyday use, it contains lived examples, illustrations throughout, and text from current horizontally organized constitutions. These documents illustrate the never-ending process of developing community and keeping collaborations alive in the fairest ways possible.

Written by dedicated anarchist scholars and organizers, and based on the widely popular Anarchic Agreements pamphlet series, this book facilitates grassroots activism and provides methods to improve and streamline decision making. It is an inspiring celebration of the novel, complex and flexible constitutions anarchists have created over time. This book shows how to realize another world, collectively without domination, while leaving the future open to infinite other possibilities.

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