The Politics of Anti-Semitism e-book

Alexander Cockburn (Editor); Jeffrey St. Clair (Editor); Edward Said (Contributor); Norman Finkelstein (Contributor)

Special Price $5.00 was $10.00
Special Price $5.00 was $10.00

Publisher: AK Press / CounterPunch
Format: Book
Binding: e-book
Released: January 10, 2003
ISBN-13: 9780989763790

How did a term, once used accurately to describe the most virulent evil, become a charge flung at the mildest critic of Israel, particularly concerning its atrocious treatment of Palestinians?

Edited by Alexander Cockburn and Jeffrey St. Clair, the print and online journal Counterpunch has become a must read for hundreds of thousands a month who no longer believe anything they read in the mainstream press beyond the sports scores. And on the subject of Israel and Palestine, of the Israel lobby in the US, the current Middle East crisis, and its ramifications at home and abroad, Counterpunch has been unrivaled.

Herein you'll find eighteen of the finest essays and articles (from nine Jews and nine Gentiles!). A lot of the names will be familiar—Edward Said, Robert Fisk, Norman Finkelstein, Lenni Brenner, Uri Avnery, plus the editors. Then, there's former CIA analysts Bill and Kathy Christison, the trenchant and witty philosopher Michael Neumann, seasoned Capitol Hill staffer "George Sutherland," Will Yeoman's path-breaking essay on Israel and divestment, Shaheed Alam—who became a target of the fanatical Daniel Pipes—and Israeli journalist Yigal Bronner. Plus Kurt Nimmo, Bruce Jackson, Jeffrey Blankfort, and more. This is a timely anthology on how silence and complicity in crimes against a betrayed people has been enforced.

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