Skeletor's Guide to Surviving the Holidays

Skeletor (Author)


Publisher: Eternia Press
Format: Pamphlet
Binding: pam
Pages: 32
Released: October 19, 2021

"Let's get this outta the way first: the holidays fucking suck."

So writes evil sorcerer warlord Skeletor in the introduction to his latest book.

In this, the follow up to Skeletor's Guide to Self-Care and Skeletor's Guide to Self-Quarantine, our demonic author dishes out realistic tips on getting through the holidays without going broke or plunging into the depths of despair. Both hilarious and practical, Skeletor has your back, whether you're dealing with the problematic history of Thanksgiving, mourning the Joy's of Halloween and New Year's Eves passed, freaking the fuck out about affording Christmas and Hannukah presents, or deciding which cape and loin cloth to wear to Kill the Scary Rats Day. Skeletor tackles horrifying topics like unpleasant house guests, peak capitalism, emotional burnt-out, and politics at the dinner table.

Writes Skeletor, "Sometimes the holidays make you feel like the only evil doer around struggling to stay above the water. It is for those that this book is for."

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