Ere Roosevelt Came

Duse Mohamed Ali (Author); Marina Bilbija (Editor); Alex Lubin (Editor)


Publisher: Pluto Press
Format: Book
Binding: pb
Released: January 23, 2024
ISBN-13: 9780745348605

Ere Roosevelt Came is a short novel by early Pan-Africanist Duse Mohamed Ali. Originally serialized in Ali’s Nigerian magazine The Comet in 1934, it grapples with the rise of global fascism and white supremacy, and the growing geopolitical influence of the USA in the interwar period.

This is a fantastical, intricately woven and speculative story about how Black American airmen, organizing in secret, fight an international assemblage of white supremacists and Russian foreign agents bent on instigating a new world war. The narrative reveals how Black liberation struggles, Bolshevism, and the rise of so-called “colored” Japanese empires were bound together in the Pan-African literary imaginary.

Written by a Sudanese-Egyptian, serialized in a West African magazine, and set in the USA, Ere Roosevelt Came is a Pan-African novel par excellence, and a fascinating historical document that conveys the complexities of Black internationalism in the interwar years. The novel is presented with two original, contextualizing essays and appendices featuring selected other writings to provide further insight into Ali’s vision of a Pan-African future.

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