What is Class Struggle Anarchism & The Relation Between Class and Non-Class Oppressions Two Essays

Wayne Price (Author)


Publisher: Zabalaza Books
Format: Pamphlet
Binding: pam
Pages: 16
Released: October 4, 2004

This short zine collects the two halves of one of Wayne Price's most widely circulated essay, which argues persuasively for the inclusion of class within anarchists' analysis and organizing.

What is Class Struggle Anarchism? Why do we revolutionary anarchists call ourselves "class struggle" anarchists? A partial explanation: It is not controversial on the left to call ourselves feminists or anti-racists. Some sort of ecological thinking is accepted by almost everyone but the far right. But the belief in a class-against-class perspective is held by only a minority. Price discusses how "class struggle" gets removed from the self-conception of many "radical" activists and liberals alike.

The Relation Between the Working Class and Non-Class Oppressions The working class is central to the fight against capitalism. But what is its relation to other sections of the population and their systems of oppression? How does class relate to women and patriarchy; to African-Americans and white supremacy; to "Third World" nations and neo-colonialism; to immigrants and racism; and to other oppressions, too numerous to name? How does class relate apparently non-class issues such as war or global warming? Wayne Price takes up an analysis of the relations among oppressions and the strategic conclusions which can be drawn from this.
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