War, Journalism, and the Middle East

Robert Fisk (Author)


Publisher: AK Press/Alternative Tentacles
Format: CD
Binding: CD
Released: January 10, 2006
ISBN-13: 9781904859383

"...He's like no reporter from the Mideast we get in the McPapers of America."—Greg Palast

"As a war correspondent he is unrivaled."—Financial Times

"The most famous foreign correspondent in Britain."—New York Times

On the heels of his recent treatise on the Middle East, The Great War for Civilisation, the animated and impassioned Robert Fisk, discusses the realities, risks, and rewards of his work on this momentous CD. With unparalleled access to history-makers in the region, Fisk recounts the rise of Hizbollah, the West's military involvement in the Middle East, his interviews with Osama Bin Laden, and the growing Iraqi insurgency. The audio program includes a lecture from Robert Fisk and an interview conducted by acclaimed radio host, David Barsamian, on Lebanese politics after Rafik Hariri's assassination.

Also included is a printed booklet containing excerpts from a panel discussion with Fisk, in April of 2006, discussing developments in the Middle East and the West's efforts to stop the destruction. In addition, famed journalist Greg Palast comments on the importance of Fisk's reporting.

Robert Fisk is a two-time recipient of the Amnesty International UK Press Award and seven-time winner of the British International Journalist of the Year Award. He has lived in and reported on the Middle East for over 20 years and is currently a foreign correspondent for The Independent.


1. War to End War 6:28

2. A Slightly Obscene Profession 8:00

3. Highway 8 8:34

4. The Beginning and the End 5:35

5. Occupation and Insurgency 6:45

6. Abu Ghraib 4:54

7. Living History Again and Again 5:01

8. Dateline Beirut 5:05

9. Palestinians in Lebanon 3:14

10. Making Lebanon 5:09

11. Interference 3:59

12. Hizbollah 5:35

66 Minutes. Mono.

Released in conjunction with Alternative Tentacles Records (alternativetentacles.com)

Recorded by Alternative Radio (www.alternativeradio.org) in conjunction with David Barsamian
AK press

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