Wages And The Working Day

John Keracher (Author)


Publisher: Charles H Kerr
Format: Pamphlet
Binding: pam
Pages: 30
Released: January 1, 2046

Written in 1946 (and the copies we have are from the original 1946 printing!), by the main theorist of the Proletarian Party, this pamphlet lays out the way forward in the struggle against capitalism. "The workers are now the vast majority of the population. The machinery of production is now operated socially. The next step is social ownership. The alternative is submission to the present arrangement, the profit system, with wealth and well-being for the few and poverty and want for the many. If the contents of this pamphlet help the workers to a better understanding of their problems, and aids them in their struggle for a solution then it will have met the objective of its author."
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