Toward Radical Futures A Justseeds Coloring Book

Molly Fair (Editor); Justseeds Artists' Cooperative (Artists)

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Publisher: Justseeds
Format: Book
Binding: staple bound
Pages: 32
Released: October 19, 2021

Toward Radical Futures is the second Justseeds coloring book for all ages!* It features thirty-one visionary illustrations imagining possible worlds. Together we imagine a world without borders or police, built around principles of liberation, solidarity, and community care. Grab your markers, dream wildly, and invoke your magic!

Featuring art by Aaron Hughes, Andrea Narno, Bec Young, Dylan AT Miner, Eric J. Garcia, Favianna Rodriguez, Fernando Martí, Jessica Sabogal, Josh MacPhee, Kevin Caplicki, Kill Joy, Kristine Virsis, Nicole Marroquin, Mary Tremonte, Meredith Stern, Molly Fair, Monica Trinidad, Paul Kjelland, Pete Railand, Roger Peet, Saiyare Refaei, Sanya Hyland, Sarah Farahat, Shaun Slifer, William Estrada, and Zola!


*the first is Be the Change!

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