The Zapatista Experience (Preorder) Rebellion, Resistance, and Autonomy

Jérôme Baschet (Author); Traductores Rebeldes Autónomos Cronopios (Translator)

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Publisher: AK Press
Format: Book
Binding: pb
Pages: 264
Released: September 24, 2024
ISBN-13: 9781849355704

An exploration of the Zapatista project, from its conception to the present.

On the thirtieth anniversary of the Mayan Indigenous uprising in Chiapas, The Zapatista Experience reconstructs the trajectory of the Zapatista struggle over the last three decades, both in its concrete achievements and in its contributions to the renewal of critical and antisystemic thinking. The Zapatista rebellion has become a reference and source of inspiration for many struggles around the world due to its major contribution in reformulating a credible and desirable path to emancipation, a path that broke with previously dominant conceptions: state-centric, productivist, Eurocentric, modernist, and patriarchal. Baschet demonstrates how the Zapatistas have succeeded in materializing, on a massive scale, the concrete experience of another way of living, a forerunner of possible emerging worlds. 

The autonomous rebel territories of Chiapas are among the most developed and radical of the "real utopias" that exist in the world today, exceptional in their experiments in self-governance and anti-State political form, argues  Jérôme Baschet. The Zapatista Experience orients readers in the profusion of Zapatista writings concerning, for example, the elaboration of a different understanding of politics, the Zapatistas' planetary conjunctural analysis of capitalism as a total war against humanity, their conception of Indigeneity that breaks with both modernist individualism and identity politics, and their notion of time and history. All this in clear opposition to neoliberal capitalism.


Praise for The Zapatista Experience:

"This book is not only a well documented history of the Zapatista movement but also a brilliant political and philosophical analysis of the main innovations it brought to revolutionary culture." —Michael Löwy, sociologist, philosopher, and coauthor of Revolutionary Affinities: Toward a Marxist-Anarchist Solidarity

“Jérôme Baschet's work offers us, with rigor and tenderness, a detailed portrait of the Zapatista world. He does not do it by flying over from above but through his commitment to a movement that has shown that capitalism can be resisted and at the same time transform the world from below.” —Raúl Zibechi, author of Constructing Worlds Otherwise

"The Zapatista Experience is indispensable to read—and even to study collectively. It is one of the most comprehensive and fruitful works on contemporary Zapatismo. A necessary and timely tool for very different struggles." —Gilberto Lopez y Rivas, Mexican anthropologist, and author of Autonomías


Jérôme Baschet is a historian teaching at the École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales in Paris and the Universidad Autonoma de Chiapas in San Cristóbal de las Casas. In studying the Zapatista struggle he found a tangible example of a real utopia and a powerful source of inspiration both for rethinking his work as a historian and to reopen critical reflections on possible post-capitalist worlds. Baschet is the author of a dozen books. The Zapatista Experience is the first of his books to be translated into English.

Traductores Rebeldes Autónomos Cronopios (TRAC) is a group of US-based, radical translators.

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