The Mantle of Struggle A Biography of Black Revolutionary Rosie Douglas

Irving Andre (Author); David Austin (Foreword)


Publisher: Between the Lines
Format: Book
Binding: pb
Pages: 432
Released: October 31, 2023
ISBN-13: 9781771136204

Rosie Douglas, former prime minister of Dominica, had a life unlike any other modern politician. After leaving home to study agriculture in Canada, he became a member of the young Conservatives, under the Canadian prime minister’s guidance. However, after he moved to Montreal to study political science his politics started to shift. By the late sixties he was an active civil rights supporter and when Black students in Montreal began to protest racism in 1969, he helped lead the sit-in. He was identified as a protest ringleader after the peaceful protest turned into a police riot, and served eighteen months in prison.

After his deportation from Canada in 1976, having been named a danger to national security, Douglas participated in political movements around the world building global solidarity. He became a leader of the Libyan-based revolutionary group World Mathaba and supported Nelson Mandela’s African National Congress. Once back home in Dominica, he led the movement for Dominica’s full political independence from Great Britain, then served as a senator in the post-independence government, an MP, party leader, and finally prime minister.

Relying on family sources, interviews, newspaper articles, government documents, and Douglas’s own articles, letters, and speeches, Irving Andre has drawn a rich and riveting record of this important Black revolutionary.

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