Strangers and Sisters Women, Race and Immigration

Selma James (Editor)


Publisher: Falling Wall Press
Format: Book
Binding: pb
Pages: 231
Released: January 3, 1986
ISBN-13: 9780905046297

This women's conference on race and immigration was hailed by the Black press in Britain as "a joyful and optimistic event" and an "overwhelming outpouring of information and viewpoints" which "generated a 'togetherness' never attained before." Women from many countries - including Argentina, India, Nigeria and Trinidad; Ireland, Italy, Germany and the United States - describe their experience of daily life back home and in the new country, of the police, deportation, lesbianism and a range of other issues.

Selma James, whose experience spans the US, Britain and the West Indies, describes and documents how the conference was organised. Her original and exciting analysis connects women with race and immigration in a way which is bound to change how these subjects - and women - are viewed in the future.
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