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SteamPunk Magazine

SteamPunk Magazine

The First Years, Issues #1–7

Margaret Killjoy (Editor)

  • Publisher: Combustion Books
  • Format: Book
  • Binding: pb
  • Pages: 430
  • Released: Dec 1, 2011
  • ISBN-13: 9780983497158


Although steampunk has been around as a genre since the 1980s, it came into its own as a subculture and artistic movement in the mid-oughts of the twenty-first century. In these first issues of SteamPunk Magazine, some out of print for years, there are articles and interviews on music, fashion, politics, history, and mad science. Groundbreaking steampunk fiction and breathtaking illustration run beside bizarre philosophy and manifestos. Learn to etch copper, to build a pennyfakething from an old bike or a jacob’s ladder from trash. Discover vertical windmills or sew a pair of spats. Here collected now are over 400 pages of awesome steampunkery. SteamPunk Magazine has always been known for keeping the punk in steampunk, for being willing to celebrate steampunk subculture as a part of the global counterculture. The volume is introduced by the illustrious Jake von Slatt and features a cover illustrated by the remarkable John Coulthart. Featuring interviews with: Abney Park, Darcy James, Argue’s Secret Society, The Chronabelle, Ghostfire, I-Wei Huang, Donna Lynch & Steven Archer, The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing, Michael Moorcock, Alan Moore, Sunday Driver, Dr. Steel Thomas, Truax Ann & Jeff VanderMeer ,Voltaire. Writing by: Benjamin Bagenski, Usul of the Blackfoot, Libby Bulloff, Katherine Casey, The Catastrophone Orchestra, Andy Clark, Nicholas Cowley, Leah Dearborn, Carolyn Dougherty, David Dowling, Austin Dyches, Charles Eberhardt, Esther Dylan Fox, Molly Friedrich, Joshua Gage, Jaymee Goh, Cheshire S. Grin, C. Lance Hall, Brenda Hammack, J.T. Hand, C. Allegra Hawksmoor, Olga Izakson, Allie Kerr, Margaret Killjoy, Donna Lynch, Richard Marsden, Robin Martin, Keith Newstead, Prof. Offlogic, A.M. Paulson, Johnny Payphone, Al-leen the Peacemaker, Rachel E. Pollock, Heather Pund, John Reppion, Jake von Slatt, Bruce Sterling, Will Strop, Lord Dr. Richard von Tropp, David X. Wiggin, B. Zedan, Zac Zunin. And artwork from: Ben Anaman, Steven Archer, Benjamin Bagenski, Paul Ballard, Ms. Scary Boots, John Coulthart, Stanley Donwood, Sarah Dungan, Colin Foran, Fabiola Garza, Doctor Geof, Lisa Grabenstetter, Ivo Gregurec, Sam Haney, Allison Healy, Claire Hummel, Ikaruga, Juli(A), Nick Kole, Ivan McCann, K.W. Moore, Leah Moore, Juan Navarro, Eric Orchard, Laura Pelick, Rob Powell, Amanda Rehagen, Fabio Romeu,Swizec, Emily Trow, Suzanne Walsh, Tim Wilson.

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