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  1. Sex, Race, and Class

    Sex, Race, and Class

    The Perspective of Winning, A Selection of Writings 1952–2011

    Selma James

    $20.00 $12.00

    In 1972 Selma James set out a new political perspective. Her starting point was the millions of unwaged women who, working in the home and on the land, were not seen as “workers” and their...

  2. Truth and Revolution

    Truth and Revolution

    A History of the Sojourner Truth Organization, 1969–1986

    Michael Staudenmaier

    $19.95 $9.98

    In the 1970s and 1980s, as the movements of the sixties receded from view, the revolutionary left in the United States went through a series of profound political, demographic, and cultural...

  3. Making the Future

    Making the Future

    Occupations, Interventions, Empire and Resistance

    Noam Chomsky

    $16.95 $10.00

    Making the Future presents more than fifty concise and persuasively argued commentaries on U.S. politics and policies, written between 2007 and 2011. Taken together, Chomsky's...

  4. Ten Years that Shook the City

    Ten Years that Shook the City

    San Francisco 1968–1978

    Chris Carlsson

    $18.95 $10.00

    This collection of essays (by twenty-seven different contributors), edited by our favorite, Chris Carlsson, spans the tumultuous decade from 1968, the year of the San Francisco State University...

  5. Power And Terror

    Power And Terror

    Post-9/11 Talks And Interviews

    Noam Chomsky

    $11.95 $5.00

    Chomsky's latest thinking on terrorism, US foreign policy, and the meaning and true impact of militarism in the world today, based on a series of talks and conversations in March and May of 2002....

  6. Move Into the Light

    Move Into the Light

    Postscript to a Turbulent 2007

    Turbulence Collective

    $2.95 $1.00

    Whether it's the G8 summit at Heiligendamm or experiments in LatinAmerica, the politics of climate change or uprisings in the Frenchbanlieues, questions of visibility and illumination crop...

  7. An Anarchist FAQ: Complete Set

    An Anarchist FAQ: Complete Set

    Volumes 1 & 2

    Iain McKay

    $50.00 $35.00

    These exhaustive volumes seek to provide answers for the curious and critical about anarchist theory, history, and practice. More a reference volume than a primer, An Anarchist FAQ eschews...

  8. Partisanas


    Women in the Armed Resistance to Fascism and German Occupation (1936–1945)

    Ingrid Strobl

    $21.95 $10.98

    Common perception of women during wartime relegates them to the sidelines of history—working in munitions factories, or waiting for their men to return. The truth is that much of the...

  9. Interventions


    Noam Chomsky

    $15.95 $9.95

    Noam Chomsky says that the freedom to challenge power is not just an opportunity, it's a responsibility. For the past several years Chomsky has been writing essays for The New York Times...

  10. Remaking Society

    Remaking Society

    Murray Bookchin

    $18.99 $12.00

    Remaking Society is a primer on Murray Bookchin's ideas. In a free and easy writing style, it takes the reader through anthropology; the emergence of hierarchy and modern capitalism;...

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