Orgasms of History 3000 Years of Spontaneous Insurrection

Yves Fremion (Author); Volny (Illustrations)


Publisher: AK Press
Format: Book
Binding: pb
Pages: 280
Released: January 1, 2002
ISBN-13: 9781902593340

Every now and then, things explode. Riots, uprisings, revolutions, and new and bizarre social groups spring up seemingly from nowhere. Our standard histories tend to treat these as oddities, if treated at all, or as misguided responses to hard times, limited by lack of responsible leadership. For the first time in English, here's a people's history to puncture that balloon. From the Cynics and Spartacus through the Levelers, Diggers, and Ranters to the Revolution of the Carnation, the San Francisco Diggers, Red Guard of Shenwulian, Brethren of the Free Spirit, Guevara, the Provos, and the Metropolitan Indians. Nearly 100 episodes of the revolt and utopia that popped up without a plan or a leader, from the ancient Greeks to the present. Orgasms of History also includes Volny's original artwork and sketches of the characters involved in the greatest, most inspiring events of all time.
Yves Fremion lives in Paris, where he participated in the May '68 orgasm.
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