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Insurgent Supremacists

Insurgent Supremacists

The U.S. Far Right’s Challenge to State and Empire

Matthew N. Lyons (Author)

  • Publisher: PM Press / Kersplebedeb
  • Format: Book
  • Binding: pb
  • Pages: 384
  • Released: Jun 5, 2018
  • ISBN-13: 9781629635118


Matthew N. Lyons takes readers on a tour of neo-nazis and Christian theocrats, by way of the patriot movement, the LaRouchites, and the alt-right. Supplementing this, thematic sections explore specific dimensions of far-right politics, regarding gender, decentralism, and anti-imperialism. His final chapter offers a preliminary analysis of the Trump presidential administration relationship with far-right politics and the organized far right's shifting responses to it. Both for its analysis and as a guide to our opponents, Insurgent Supremacists promises to be a powerful tool in organizing to resist the forces at the cutting edge of reaction today.

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