Hollow Resistance Obama, Trump and the Politics of Appeasement

Paul Street (Author)


Publisher: CounterPunch
Binding: e-book
Released: September 15, 2020
ISBN-13: 9781939202345

The horror is all around us. It proliferates our daily news. It dominates social media. The economy is in shambles. The COVID pandemic is spreading like wildfire while we face the strangest US election in modern history. If you want to make sense of it all, Hollow Resistance is required reading. In CounterPunch’s latest book, radical historian Paul Street recounts the Democrats’ culpability in the rise of Trump and explains how his neofascist horrors took root during the Obama years, and will live on even if Joe Biden is victorious in November.

“Paul Street’s courageous truth-telling is the pre-condition for a massive radical democratic movement.” —Cornel West

“All those interested in truth rather than seduction should read urgently this wise book by Paul Street, who peels away the mask of the ‘Obama phenomenon’ and reveals power as it is, not as many of us wish it to be..Perhaps the only book that tells the truth about the 44th president of the United States." —John Pilger on Paul Street's 2008 book Barack Obama and the Future of American Politics

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