The Green Nazi An Investigation into Fascist Ecology

J Sakai (Author)


Publisher: Kersplebedeb
Format: Pamphlet
Binding: pam
Pages: 33
Released: March 17, 2003

"Did the fall of the Fuhrer Adolf Hitler and his Third Reich set back the cause of environmentalism by a hundred years? Does healing Mother Earth of man's crude ravages require the world rule of the white race? This sounds like only the delusions of a few neo-fascist boneheads, but they are questions to take seriously. If only because this type of ecological politics is held not just by a few fanatics but very possibly by millions of people. Surprising though it may be, this represents one possible future for insurgent Green politics. Challenging usual assumptions that Green politics must be progressive, the nexus of the radical right and white environmentalism needs to be reexamined." —from the Introduction
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