Fanning the Flames A Molly Crabapple Coloring Book

Molly Crabapple (Author)


Publisher: Radix Media
Format: Book
Binding: saddle-stitched
Pages: 32
Released: October 13, 2021
ISBN-13: 9781737718406

How would you color the Mona Lisa? Would you trade the blues in Van Gogh’s Starry Night for another color? What radical coloring choices would you make if you had access to a classic work of art, but without its characteristic colors? With Fanning the Flames, you can answer that question for yourself!

As an essential political artist of the new millennium, Molly Crabapple’s pens and inks have taken her from the cobblestoned alleyways of Paris to the Guantanamo Bay Detention Camp. She has illustrated court proceedings, scenes from ISIS-occupied Syria, moments from the Occupy Wall Street movement, and even Marvel anthologies. With Fanning the Flames, fans and fellow artists will have a chance to experience some of Molly’s earliest drawings stripped down to their outlines so they can color in and outside of the lines. Featuring surrealist illustrations of beautifully daring burlesque dancers, Fanning the Flames is a coloring book where adults can be as creative, whimsical, and bold as their hearts desire.

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