Beyond the Affinity Group The Organisational Challenge for Anarchists

Andrew Flood (Author)


Publisher: Zabalaza Books
Format: Pamphlet
Binding: pam
Pages: 36
Released: November 2, 2011

This collection of three articles examines the hows and whys of anarchist organization. The first is a look at the success of the network form of organization and why it came to the fore in the current period. It then looks at the limitations of that form or organization. The second article looks at the organizational practice of the first anarchists, and in particular Michael Bakunin. It re-examines the different levels of organization he advocated in the light of the needs of anarchists today. The final article asks why anarchist organizations mostly failed to grow following the collapse of the left and identifies why large scale anarchist organizations are essential if we are to ever overthrow capitalism.
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