Anarcho-Syndicalist Review (ASR)

ASR (Editor)


Publisher: ASR
Format: Magazine
Binding: mag
Pages: 39
Released: March 24, 2020

One of the most vital, engaging, relevant and informative anarchist magazines today. The essays and articles pertain more than most, both theoretically, and practically, not just to 'everyday' concerns, but those that ought to concern anyone interested in putting the movement (not to mention common-sense) back into anarchism. A lively international (and national, of course) news section, and excellent review pages bookend a truly fine institution.

The new issue (Summer 2021 #83) is titled "Organizing Amazon" and also features articles on the Capitol riot, dock workers' actions against war cargo, swedish syndicalists debating strategy, an article about Kropotkin's legacy, and more! I couldn't possibly list everything!

The winter 2021/22 (#84) features an article titled "Migrant Workers Strike Amid Pandemic." It also has articles about Green Syndicalism, "Undemocracy in the United States", the crisis facing Swedish Syndicalism, international news, an article entitled "Climate Charades", reviews and more!

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