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  1. #AcceptUs #NotKillUs

    #AcceptUs #NotKillUs

    Euree Kim


    #AcceptUs #NotKillUs is a zine that traces back the history of police violence on people with disabilities and community resistance in Chicago between 2012 and 2018.

  2. ACAB


    Special Patrol Group


    32 page full-colour pamphlet of anti-police subvertising art.

  3. Total Control?

    Total Control?

    Pound the Pavement #20

    Josh MacPhee


    "I have recently been digging through boxes and boxes of old files and artwork (long story, I had to clean the basement of my apartment), and it’s been dawning on me that I have whole...

  4. Transformation


    Poems of Becoming

    Marius Mason


    A brand-new collection of poetry by Green Scare political prisoner Marius Mason.

  5. Fighting For the Light of Day

    Fighting For the Light of Day



    Fighting for the Light of Day, is an effort to generate and share a dialog between participants in the project from behind prison walls. The pamphlet contains a series of...

  6. Money & Power

    Money & Power

    Hook Or Crook

    Zolo Agona Azania


    9 essays from the Death Row revolutionary New Afrikan Prisoner Of War, including 'Castles In The Air: False Escape Of The Colonialist Settler State' and 'Warning To All Uncle Toms'

  7. Creating a Movement with Teeth

    Creating a Movement with Teeth

    Communiqués of the George Jackson Brigade

    George Jackson Brigade


    A collection of communiques that announced, and explained, the various actions of the George Jackson Brigade.

  8. Enemies of the State

    Enemies of the State

    An Interview with Anti-imperialist Political Prisoners

    Marilyn Buck


    An extended interview with the three political prisoners - a frank discussion of past political movements, victories and errors, and the current political climate for revolutionary struggle within...

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