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  1. Worlds End

    Worlds End

    Mycelium Collective


    Using words and pictures, this new comic aims to help people understand climate change and capitalism and encourage a different approach, one that builds power to fight them.

  2. May Day

    May Day

    A Graphic HIstory of Protest

    Mark Leier


    May Day: A Graphic History of Protest traces the development of International Workers’ Day, May 1st, against the ever-changing economic and political backdrop in Canada....

  3. Riding for Two

    Riding for Two

    Monica Johnson


    An intimate and witty analysis on public manners, social accountability, and the patriarchy.

  4. Your Black Friend

    Your Black Friend

    Ben Passmore


    Ben Passmore's necessary contribution to the dialogue around race in the United States, Your Black Friend is a letter from your black friend to you about race, racism, friendship...

  5. Our Comics, Ourselves

    Our Comics, Ourselves

    Identity, Expression, and Representation in Comic Art

    Jan Descartes


    A catalog from the Interference Archive exhibition "Our Comics, Ourselves" including work from Elvis B., Paul Buhle, Leela Corman, Edie Fake, William H. Foster III, Ganzeer, Nils Hanczar, John...

  6. Pound The Pavement #9

    Pound The Pavement #9

    Josh MacPhee


    Second glorious issue of the street-art zine. This one examines editor Josh Macphee's obsession with the streetlight (or lamppost). Here, in glorious full-color, is what some folks have adorned the...

  7. Pound The Pavement #10

    Pound The Pavement #10

    Josh Macphee


    Pound the Pavement's new binding technique helps to hold its wealth of content — Approximately 200 protest images of George Bush's face, or slanderous spray-paint scrawl invoking his...

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