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  1. John Brown

    John Brown

    May 9, 1800–Dec. 2, 1859

    Matt Meyer


    A reprint of this critical look at the righteous struggle of John Brown and his band, who took up arms against the US government to end slavery. Includes a tribute by Nebula and Hugo award winning...

  2. Where is the Festival?

    Where is the Festival?

    Notes on Summits & Counter-Summits



    Several short essays, from the insurrectionionist vantage point, on protest, summits, and recuperation. These originally appeared in Italian in 2001, 2002, and 2004.

  3. The Bristol Manifesto

    The Bristol Manifesto

    The 2008 G8 in Hokkaido—A Strategic Assessment

    Emergency Exit Collective


    When Bristol Radical History Group staged a series of events called "Down With The Fences! The Struggle For The Global Commons" in May 2008, a group leading academics found themselves together in...

  4. It's Down to This

    It's Down to This

    Reflections, Stories, Experiences, Critiques, and Ideas on Community and Collective Response to Sexual Violence, Abuse, and Accountability

    Claire Urb.


    A tremendous resource for people who are committed to ending sexual violence. This zine collects a mulititude of stories, reflections and articles—from advice on finding a therapist, written by a...

  5. How to Fire Your Boss

    How to Fire Your Boss

    A Worker's Guide to Direct Action



    "The indignity of working-for-a-living is well-known to anyone who ever has. Democracy, the great principle on which American society is supposedly founded, is thrown out the window as soon as we...

  6. The Intersections of Anarchism and Community Organising

    The Intersections of Anarchism and Community Organising



    "Dave's" work discusses the differences between activism and organizing. From the author's introduction. “Historically, revolutionary movements have been guided by revolutionary strategy and...

  7. Punching Out

    Punching Out

    Martin Glaberman


    Martin Glaberman’s classic but hard-to-find pamphlet (CHK is doing a new edition!) is an authoritative statement about the merits of direct action in workplace organizing. Writing in the context of...

  8. The Evan Mecham Eco Terrorist International Conspiracy

    The Evan Mecham Eco Terrorist International Conspiracy

    Leslie James Pickering


    Leslie James Pickering says: "My earliest understandings of Earth First! were almost mythological—people escaping into the wilderness, dismantling bulldozers and blasting dams. When I finally...

  9. Solidarity Networks

    Solidarity Networks

    Examples and Ideas of Direct Action

    Seattle Solidarity Network


    A guide to building a successful solidarity network along the lines of the Seattle Solidarity Network, written by two SeaSol organizers.

  10. What About the Rapists?

    What About the Rapists?

    Anarchist Approaches to Crime & Justice



    This little book is aimed at anarchists thinking about how to deal with abuses of power and acts of domination in their communities. It brings together a collection of articles representing...

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