You Have No Country! Workers' Struggle Against War

Mary E. Marcy (Author); Franklin Rosemont (Editor)


Publisher: Charles H Kerr
Format: Book
Binding: hb
Pages: 80
Released: January 1, 1984
ISBN-13: 9780882860596

A leading figure in the Left Wing of the Socialist Party during the World War I, Mary E. Marcy (1877–1922) was managing editor of the International Socialist Review, the most popular and influential revolutionary journal of the period. Collected here for the first time are articles detailing Marcy's penetrating analysis of the social/economic causes of war, and her libertarian socialist perspective on the struggle against war. Largely because of the articles in this book, International Socialist Review was suppressed by the US government in 1918. As a summary of the revolutionary Marxist view of war, You Have No Country! is unexcelled. Written three quarters of a century ago, Marcy's hard-hitting critique is still as fresh as today's headlines. Edited and introduced by Franklin Rosemont.
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