World War 3 Illustrated #32 Original 9/11 Issue

WW3 Illustrated (Editor); Sue Coe (Contributor); Peter Kuper (Contributor); Seth Tobocman (Contributor); Spain Rodriguez (Contributor)


Publisher: WW3 Illustrated
Format: Book
Binding: pb
Pages: 80
Released: November 1, 2001

Since 1979, the New York City based magazine, World War 3 Illustrated has been responding to the events that have shaped our planet. 
Artists and writers have created insightful responses through comics that have gone on to define the possibilities of this medium and stand as a testament to our often untold history.
Twenty years ago we were witnesses to the tragic events of September 11th and we responded through the pages of our magazine. Our 9/11 issue—the original printing—with first hand, eye witness accounts and visual responses to that day is now available from AK Press!
Artists include: Sue Coe, Spain Rodriguez, Tom Tomorrow, Ward Sutton, James Romberger, Seth Tobocman, Peter Kuper, Kevin Pyle, Fly, and many others.
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