The Work of Love Unpaid Housework, Poverty and Sexual Violence at the Dawn of the 21st Century

Giovanna Franca Dalla Costa (Author)


Publisher: Autonomedia
Binding: pb
Pages: 122
Released: December 14, 2008
ISBN-13: 9781570271328

Originally published in 1978 and in a long awaited English translation, this classic "manifesta" of radical Italian feminism helped define the autonomist-inspired "wages for housework" movement, and identified the capitalist complicity of both the traditional nuclear family as well as the "liberation" of the woman as wage-earner.

This text poses, at the center of its analysis, the relationship which exists between physical (and specifically sexual) violence against women, and the role of women in performing housework, to which they remain primarily assigned in the capitalist division of labor (and which seeks to define all of their existence).
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