The Vindication of A Vegan Diet

Gerfried Ambrosch (Author)

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Publisher: Active Distribution
Format: Pamphlet
Binding: pamphlet
Pages: 48
Released: August 15, 2016

A very readable and reasoned set of answers to the common questions vegans are asked.

"Vegans should know what they're talking about—because tehy will inevitably find themselves talking about their dietary 'deviance.' No matter how 'personal' and 'private' you think your decision is, if you choose veganism over omnivorism oyu should be able to defend your decision with sound arguments—as should everyone who consumes animal products. But it's the vegan not the meat eater who is frequently confronted wtih ill-informed comments, silly jokes, and most importantly, quesitons. Questions are good, answers are better! This pamnphlet answers a comprehensive set of FAQs vegan often hear and debunks some of the most tenacious arguments against veganism."

(I hope the honey one is in here. You know what i'm talking about!)

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