Vegan Mob Vegan BBQ and Soul Food

Toriano Gordon (Author); Korsha Wilson (With)


Publisher: Ten Speed Press
Format: Book
Binding: hb
Pages: 240
Released: February 27, 2024
ISBN-13: 9781984859969

Toriano Gordon, the chef behind the Bay Area's Vegan Mob, grew up sharing soul food with his family and friends. When he began eating vegan after wanting to improve his health, he was nostalgic for those childhood flavors, so he spent hours painstakingly recreating them from scratch. His innovative dishes became the backbone of Vegan Mob, a Bay Area original that draws in vegans and carnivores alike. 

In his first cookbook, he shares favorites from the restaurant as well as new recipes, inviting readers to try crowd-pleasing favorites like Brisket, Smackaroni, and Mobba’Q Baked Beans. In an homage to his youth in the Fillmoe (not Fillmore) and his San Francisco and Oakland communities, he also draws inspiration from a multitude of cuisines with recipes like La La Lumpia, Mafia Mobsta Noodles aka Garlic Noodles, Mob Lasagna, and Mob Taco Bowls, all made accessible for the home cook.  

Vegan Mob also takes you out of the kitchen and into Toriano’s life, highlighting his many family connections to the Bay Area and his connection to Bay Area rap and music. With inspirational advice from Toriano, vibrant photographs, and tons of energy, Vegan Mob is an invitation for everyone to come to the table and enjoy a meal together.


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