Traumatized Identify, Understand, and Cope with PTSD and Emotional Stress

Kati Morton (Author)


Publisher: Hachette Go
Format: Book
Binding: hb
Pages: 256
Released: September 7, 2021
ISBN-13: 9780306924354

We hear the terms trauma and PTSD more and more. Yet many people still believe that trauma can only result from experiences that are particularly extreme. But trauma is an emotional response that can stem from a wide variety of upsetting experiences, leaving us feeling anxious, weighed down by negative emotions or memories, or feeling like we lack security. 
As a licensed therapist, Kati Morton addresses this challenge: If we don’t have an understanding of trauma and how it’s defined, how can we work to overcome it? The urgency of meeting this challenge increases at a time when we are bombarded with a constant flow of frightening stories—about global pandemics, ecological disasters, riots, and mass shootings—that can trigger our emotional stress. We must find a balance between staying connected to the world on social media while avoiding the false facts, hate-filled comments, and passive-aggressive posts and accounts that feed negative thoughts. In Traumatized, Morton shares a unique perspective on trauma in the modern age, including:

  • Tips to be more mindful of what we do and who we follow online, which is the key to improving our relationship with social media and stop spreading the trauma
  • Helpful therapeutic techniques to heal from childhood trauma
  • Skills to identify transgenerational trauma and begin to break harmful cycles in your home
  • Whether to seek therapy or counseling.

Ultimately, you’ll learn how to identify and cope with your triggers, pay attention to how platforms and accounts can harm your mental health, and find the tools to manage what you can see online.

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