Toward a Global Autonomous University Cognitive Labor, The Production of Knowledge, and Exodus from the Education Factory

Edu-factory Collective (Author)


Publisher: Autonomedia
Binding: pb
Pages: 196
Released: January 10, 2009
ISBN-13: 9781570272042

What was once the factory is now the university. We started off with this apparently straightforward affirmation, not in order to assume it but to question it; to open it, radically rethinking it, towards theoretical and political research. University corporatization and the rise of a global university are not unilateral impositions or developments completely contained by capitalist rationality. Rather they are the result—absolutely temporary and thus reversible—of a formidable cycle of struggles. The problem is to transform the field of tension delineated by the processes analyzed in this book into specific forms of resistance and the organization of escape routes. This is Edu-factory's starting point and objective, its style and its method.
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