To Dare Imagining Rojava Revolution

Dilar Dirik (Editor); David Levi Strauss (Editor); Michael Taussig (Editor); Peter Lamborn Wilson (Editor)


"As if emerging from the secret, unwritten corners of history—with a smile nonetheless—was not enough, the Kurds are now given the task of passing the litmus test on behalf of all revolutions that ever existed. Is a revolution really possible? The burden of proof almost besieges them."—Dilar Dirik

A new collection of articles and essays concerning the Rojava Revolution, including contributions from: David Levi Strauss, Bill Weinberg, David Graeber, Pinar Öğünç, Peter Lamborn Wilson, Newsha Tavakolian, Havin Güneşer, Saleh Muslim & Jonas Staal, Murat Bay, Abdullah Öcalan, Nazan Üstündağ, El Errante / Paul Z. Simons, Dilar Dirik, and Michael Taussig. Plus "The Charter of the Rojava Cantons" and other related resources.

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