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Deadly She-Wolf

Deadly She-Wolf

Assassination at Armageddon (book and cd)

Fred Ho (Author)

  • Publisher: Autonomedia
  • Format: Book
  • Binding: Book + CD
  • Released: Jul 12, 2011
  • ISBN-13: 726708678821


Before "the old Fred Ho" died on August 4, 2006 of advanced colo-rectal cancer and "the new Fred Ho" emerged, he had created an amazing body of radical, popular avant garde operas and music/theater works, which he interchangeably called manga music/theater or opera or martial arts opera or living comic books.
Innova Records and Autonomedia are proud and honored to release the first-ever jazz and new music manga-CD project of two of these works joined as one.
Deadly She-Wolf: Assassination at Armageddon was the last completed full-stage production of a Fred Ho manga-opera, written by Ho and Ruth Margraff in homage to the 1970s yellow exploitation manga-movie series, Lone Wolf and Cub. This soundtrack recording to the show features Ho's foray into the use of the twenty-string bass koto (performed by Yumi Kurosawa) and Japanese shakuhachi and fue flutes (by Masaru Koga). This fully illustrated play-story features illustrations by East Village icon, Mac McGill, and of course, includes the CD!

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