The Poorer Nations A Possible History of the Global South

Vijay Prashad (Author)


Publisher: Verso
Format: Book
Binding: hb
Pages: 300
Released: March 20, 2013
ISBN-13: 9781844679522

A truly global history that examines the prospects of a worldwide power shift from North to South.

Since the ’70s, the countries of the Global South have struggled to build political movements. Prashad analyzes the failures of neoliberalism, as well as the rise of the BRICS countries, the World Social Forum, issuebased movements like Via Campesina, the Latin American revolutionary revival—in short, efforts to create alternatives to the neoliberal project advanced militarily by the US and its allies and economically by the IMF, the World Bank, the WTO, and other instruments of the powerful. Just as The Darker Nations asserted that the Third World was a project, not a place, The Poorer Nations sees the Global South as a term that properly refers not to geographical space but to a concatenation of protests against neoliberalism.
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