The Withdrawal Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, and the Fragility of U.S. Power

Noam Chomsky (Author); Vijay Prashad (Author); Angela Y. Davis (Foreword)


Publisher: New Press
Format: Book
Binding: hb
Pages: 208
Released: August 30, 2022
ISBN-13: 9781620977606

Not since the last American troops left Vietnam have we faced such a sudden vacuum in our foreign policy—not only of authority, but also of explanations of what happened, and what the future holds.

Few analysts are better poised to address this moment than Noam Chomsky and Vijay Prashad, intellectuals and critics whose work spans generations and continents.

Chomsky and Prashad interrogate key inflection points in America’s downward spiral: from the disastrous Iraq War to the failed Libyan intervention to the descent into chaos in Afghanistan.

As the final moments of American power in Afghanistan fade from view, this crucial book argues that we must not take our eyes off the wreckage—and that we need, above all, an unsentimental view of the new world we must build together.

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