The New Farm Vegetarian Cookbook

Dorothy Bates (Author); Louise Hagler (Author)


Publisher: The Book Publishing Company
Format: Book
Binding: pb
Pages: 224
Released: October 19, 1996
ISBN-13: 9780913990605

When The Farm Vegetarian Cookbook was released in 1975, it was the first meat-, dairy-, and egg-free cookbook published in the United States. It also introduced good tasting nutritional yeast as a source of vitamin B12, and according to Bill Shurtleff, author of The Book of Tempeh was the first cookbook to introduce tempeh to North America. This edition provides more in-depth information on plant-based nutrition.  

A compilation of recipes from some of the best cooks on The Farm, an intentional community in rural Tennessee, many of the over 250 cholesterol-free recipes are family favorites that showcase the versatility of soybeans. Many of the original recipes were adjusted to contain less fat and sugar. Detailed instructions are included on how to make soymilk, tofu, tempeh, yogurt and other soyfoods at home.

Even today, with plant-based alternatives mainstream and Google at your fingertips, this cookbook is a beloved part of vegan culinary history that gets passed down from generation to generation.

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