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The Homemade Vegan

The Homemade Vegan

A Historical Collection of Vegan Recipes from the 1970s

Joanne O'Connell (Author)

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  • Publisher: Prospect Books
  • Format: Book
  • Binding: pb
  • Pages: 224
  • Released: Apr 4, 2017
  • ISBN-13: 9781909248465


Dairy-free diets are now in vogue. Soy yogurts, almond milk, coconut ice cream, and tofu are widely sold in supermarkets. Vegan cafés and restaurants are popping up everywhere. And there's plenty going on in the media too: as celebrities ditch the white stuff, scientists debate the impact of veganism on climate change.

It wasn't always like this. Back in the 1970s and 1980s, eating a plant-only diet was seen as a far more radical and counter-culture choice than it is today. Vegans were ahead of their time. They were inventive, resourceful and creative. They squeezed vegetable juices, creamed cashew nuts into 'cheeses,' poured tofu into blocks (you couldn't just buy a pack at the grocery store), mashed lentils into rissoles and stirred up everything from sugar-free puddings to soups and goulashes. What they came up with was an affordable way to eat healthy dairy alternatives, without the added chemicals, sugar, and salt, which are now so often added to the processed versions produced by major food manufacturers.

This book is a collection of recipes from this time and gives them a proper context, referring to the communities and households who created the recipes and what vegan life was like.

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