Survivor Injustice State-Sanctioned Abuse, Domestic Violence, and the Fight for Bodily Autonomy

Kylie Cheung (Author)

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Publisher: North Atlantic Books
Format: Book
Binding: pb
Pages: 304
Released: August 15, 2023
ISBN-13: 9781623179083

Incisive, urgent, and written exactly for our post-Roe times, Survivor Injustice is the feminist frame-changing read we need now—for each of us, and for all that’s at stake

With an abolitionist lens, journalist and Jezebel staff writer Kylie Cheung shows how domestic abuse and state violence are systemic and interconnected. She shatters the harmful and convenient narrative that abuse is a “private matter” perpetrated by individual bad actors--and situates popular understandings of domestic abuse in an indictment of the racism, misogyny, and carcerality baked into U.S. culture and politics. Cheung explores:

  • The links between capitalism and domestic abuse: how late-stage capitalism colludes with the state to incentivize forced birth and reproductive coercion
  • Intimate partner violence as a tool of political silence and social control
  • America’s tacit acceptance of sexual assault, from the home to the White House
  • The interplay of race, power, gender, and sexuality in state-based violence
  • How the United States runs on carcerality, and what that means for victims
  • The way we view survival crimes, and our complicity in defining which acts are “violent” and whose actions are “criminal”
  • How white feminism and carceral feminism fail us all

Cheung plainly names all that goes unsaid when we, as a culture, talk about abuse: How state and society criminalize women, girls, and gender-oppressed people of color. That what happens behind closed doors affects whose voices we hear at the ballot box. What it means when we put predators—from every party—up for vote. That sex workers are more likely to be victimized by law enforcement than “saved” by them. That this is all by design. And that ultimately—with organizing, abolition, and beyond-the-ballot action—we can change it all for good.

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