Surrealism and the Anarchist Imagination

Ron Sakolsky (Author)

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Publisher: Eberhardt Press
Format: Book
Binding: pb
Pages: 136
Released: October 4, 2023

“Surrealism’s clarion call for re-enchantment of the world is not about escaping reality. Instead, surrealism seeks to expand, deepen, diversify and enrich reality.”

Here is an invitation to a book of imagined anarchism and anarchized imagination.
An illuminated manuscript of desire.
A fever dream of subversive re-enchantment
A volume of exquisite revelations
A handbook for refusing humiliations
A book of spells for transforming the confined space of miserabilist pragmatism into the open road of surrealist possibility

Eberhardt Press is pleased to announce our latest book collaboration with Ron Sakolsky! His essays on anarcho-surrealism are accompanied by some fantastic illustrations by a score of surrealist artists.

Anarcho-surrealism examines the intersection of anarchism and surrealism, of total revolt and unbound imagination. Ron Sakolsky has written extensively on the subject, in books such as Scratching the Tiger’s Belly and Swift Winds from Eberhardt Press, and Dreams of Anarchy and the Anarchy of Dreams from Autonomedia.

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