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Strengthening Anarchism's Gender Analysis

Strengthening Anarchism's Gender Analysis

Lessons from the Transfeminist Movement

J. Rogue (Author)

  • Publisher: Thoughtcrime Ink
  • Format: Pamphlet
  • Binding: pam
  • Pages: 8
  • Released: Jan 8, 2012
  • ISBN-13: No ISBN


Classical anarchism and feminism, premised on the assumption of liberation for "all workers" and "all women," frequently denied the diversity of the working class and social divisions between women and workers. In this pamphlet, J. Rogue argues that transfeminist theory — understanding gender, race, and class as "intersecting" lines of oppression — offers valuable insights to contemporary radical and anarchist organizing. By bringing transfeminist ideas into broad working class movements, we can dispel the notion of a "scarcity of liberation" that is antithetical to anarchism and "requires people to betray one aspect of their identity in order to politically prioritize another."

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