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Street Art Workers

Street Art Workers

Land & Globalization Poster Book

(Claude Moller, Contributor); (Josh MacPhee, Editor)

  • Publisher: Just Seeds
  • Format: Book
  • Binding: zine/journal
  • Released: N/A
  • ISBN-13: NoISBN


This is the first giant poster newspaper put out by the Street Art Workers, a global network of politically engaged street artists, designers and activists. This paper includes 25 large scale (17"x22.5") posters by artists from 10 different countries and 18 different cities. Artists include Meredith Stern, Colin Matthes, Andalusia, Icky A., Claude Moller, Pete Yahnke and Ally Reeves, all of whom may be familiar to justseeds regulars, as well as other artists such as Anthony Garner (Spain), Lex Drewinski (Germany), Collectivo Sublevarte (Mexico), Slawek Rogowski (Poland). This is a pretty amazing collection of posters around the issues of Land & Globalization, and the Street Art Workers is a group well worth the support. 2 color newsprint paper of posters, each poster 17"x22.5"

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