Soul Jar Thirty-One Fantastical Tales by Disabled Authors

Annie Carl (Editor); Nicola Griffith (Foreword)


Publisher: Forest Avenue Press
Format: Book
Binding: pb
Pages: 400
Released: October 17, 2023
ISBN-13: 9781942436577

Too often, science fiction and fantasy stories erase—or cure—characters with disabilities. Soul Jar, edited by author and bookstore owner Annie Carl, features thirty-one stories by disabled authors, imagining such wonders as a shapeshifter on a first date, skin that sprouts orchid buds, and a cereal-box demon. An insulin pump diverts an undead mob. An autistic teen sets out to discover the local cranberry bog’s sinister secret. A pizza delivery on Mars goes wrong. This thrillingly peculiar collection sparkles with humor, heart, and insight, all within the context of disability representation.

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