2024 Solidarity Forever Labor History Calendar

IWW Hungarian Literature Fund (Editor)

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Publisher: IWW Hungarian Literature Fund
Format: Calendar
Binding: Wall calendar
Released: November 11, 2023

This year's calendar commemorates struggles including the Detroit auto workers whose sit-down strikes in the 1970s fought speed-ups and racist supervisors to the 1910 uprising of New York garment workers; the Parisian cafe workers who stopped work to stop managers from stealing their tips to Alabama sanitation workers’ long struggle demanding union recognition and decent working conditions; from Tokyo workers who besieged the stock exchange to demand fair wages to maritime workers fighting Taft-Hartley injunctions to London dockworkers whose direct action freed shop stewards jailed for enforcing union conditions.

The Solidarity Forever Labor History Calendar has been published by the Hungarian Literature Fund since 1985 to inspire greater labor solidarity and preserve the memory of workers' struggles around the world. 

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