Situationist International Anthology

Ken Knabb (Editor); Guy Debord (Contributor); Asger Jorn (Contributor); Raoul Vaneigem (Contributor)


Publisher: Bureau Of Public Secrets
Format: Book
Binding: pb
Pages: 532
Released: January 12, 2006
ISBN-13: 9780939682041

In 1957 a few experimental European groups stemming from the radical tradition of dadaism and surrealism, but seeking to avoid the cooption to which those movements succumbed, came together to form the Situationist International. The name came from their aim of liberating everyday life through the creation of open-ended, participatory "situations" (as opposed to fixed works of art) — an aim which naturally ran up against the whole range of material and mental obstacles produced by the present social order. Over the next decade the situationists developed an increasingly incisive critique of the global "spectacle-commodity system" and of its bureaucratic leftist pseudo-opposition, and their new methods of agitation helped trigger the May 1968 revolt in France. Since then — although the SI itself was dissolved in 1972 — situationist theories and tactics have continued to inspire radical currents in dozens of countries all over the world. The SI Anthology, generally recognized as the most comprehensive and accurately translated collection of situationist writings in English, presents a chronological survey of the group's activities and development as reflected in articles from its French journal and in a variety of leaflets, pamphlets, filmscripts and internal documents, ranging from their early experiments in urban "psychogeography" and cultural subversion to their lucid analyses of the Watts riot, the Vietnam war, the Prague Spring, the Chinese "Cultural Revolution" and other crises and upheavals of the sixties.

A greatly revised, and expanded edition, with over 100 pages of new material.

"Rejecting all morality and legal restraint, making sweeping denunciations of their fellow students, their professors, God, religion, the clergy, and the governments and political and social systems of the entire world, these cynics do not hesitate to advocate theft, the destruction of scholarship, the abolition of work, total subversion, and a permanent worldwide proletarian revolution with 'unrestrained pleasure' as its only goal." -- Judge Llabador, Strasbourg District Court 1966
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